Meet the Team

John and Georgie Talbot – Artistic Directors

John and Georgie head up the Lantern Arts Centre, overseeing its vision and ensuring the shows and activities run smoothly and to a high artistic quality. Georgie also co-ordinates Friday Night Live and the productions. They are both hands-on in the running of the centre, utilising their years of experience in theatre and film to create a fun and exciting atmosphere to work and produce creatively.



Susie Pottinger – Children’s and Youth Theatre Co-ordinator

Susie is in charge of the children’s and youth theatres, scripting their productions, running groups and overseeing the team of leaders teaching the various groups. She has a passion for young people and continues to provide a nurturing environment for the children as they learn new skills and explore their gifts and talents.

Nick Osborne – Lantern Theatre Company Co-ordinator

Nick has recently taken on the role of co-ordinating the Lantern Theatre Company. He has been involved in the LAC for a number of years, starting off as a member of the children’s theatre before becoming a leader of one of the groups as well as joining the theatre company as an actor. His love of theatre and a desire to see social justice give him a heart to see the Lantern Theatre Company touch more lives with its shows.

David Kirkland – Administrator

David is the LAC’s administrator, keeping the office running on a day-to-day basis. He also oversees the art centre’s marketing and publicity, and manages the box office and hires out the studio spaces. He is very much the ‘go-to’ man!! In his spare time, he runs an Improv comedy group, and enjoys listening to and telling stories.