Become a Angel of the LAC!

It’s all about the little things – just a few pennies (or more) a month from as many people as possible will bring us stability by keeping the charity’s core costs covered.

What is an Angel?

Angels were, historically, the sponsors and patrons who helped fund the productions at local theatres. Sometimes, there would be just one angel for a production, sometimes there would be many. It was like an early form of crowdfunding!

We have adopted this term for people who give generously to help us in all that we do at the LAC. The money we receive goes towards the general running costs of the LAC, in addition to equipment we might need for our activities and productions. There are many things that we need to fund; from refreshments to props, from costumes and scripts to lighting equipment.

Our vision is to continue to produce exceptional productions, and to develop further as a highly respected Christian-based arts venue at the heart of Raynes Park’s community. Like many arts groups, the LAC cannot rely on grants or sponsorship. Ticket sales and one-off donations do not give us a guaranteed income.
The LAC Angels are those willing to make a regular financial commitment of at least £2 per month. Our aim is to have 200 Angels as soon as possible – this will help secure the LAC’s long-term future. It is vitally important that we have a regular income to help the LAC develop and achieve our vision for the local, and wider, community.

What to do next?

If you can support the LAC on a regular basis, however small the amount, please sign up to be a Angel. Give Dave a call on 0203 761 7070 or email us at for more information. Alternatively, please visit our ‘Donate Now‘ page for information on the many ways that you could make a donation to the work of the LAC.

If you are already supporting us, thank you so much – it is so appreciated.