In partnership with the RPMC

It’s now over 18 years since the Lantern Arts Centre was first established in 1994. It has come a long way since those early and fragile beginnings and the LAC is now an established part of the local scene as it continues to celebrate performance and expressive art in all its rich diversity. In all that it does the LAC seeks to be wholly inclusive, with a strong Christian ethos, embracing all ages and abilities and encouraging and supporting the inexperienced to work alongside the experienced and professional members of the LAC Company.

Its roots lie in its foundational partnership with Raynes Park Methodist Church, which remains vitally important to both its present and future. These are tough times for many including the LAC and effective collaborations, building and nourishing key relationships, will be key to its future. Although an independent Charity the LAC sees its relationship with RPMC as being vitally important for both parties, which is why for a number of years the LAC Trustees have met every six months with members of the RPMC leadership team to build and develop a shared understanding of both organisations.

Our aim is as follows:

“The Lantern Arts Centre exists to promote the advancement of the arts and culture for the benefit of the public, particularly but not exclusively within the Raynes Park community of south west London. Having a strong Christian ethos, and working in a mutually beneficial partnership with Raynes Park Methodist Church, it seeks to include members of the local community, of all ages and abilities, as cast, crew and audience members in theatre, music, film, dance, exhibitions and other forms of artistic expression.”