Calling all Angels

Regular donations are hugely important for us. Thank you if you are already an Angel. If not perhaps you could be one?

Calling all Angels - regular donations to the LAC
Calling all Angels

To become an LAC Angel go to

At times like these we reflect on what is important to us and if you have valued what the Lantern Arts Centre has meant to you, perhaps you would like to become an LAC Angel - a regular giver. Vitally important in these times, our regular givers enable us to plan ahead confidently and keep delivering the wide range of activities that we do for our community.

Thanks and Stay Safe :)


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Tomato photo by Leilani Angel. Bowl of Tomatoes Photo by Elaine Casap. Cup of coins photo by Micheile Henderson. Multiple tomatoes photo by engin akyurt. Lantern photo by Vladimir Fedotov. Thank you photo by Howard Riminton

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