Children's Theatre Club

If your child is signed up for theatre club, click here to pay your fees:

Age 3-5 years (Wednesday group only) £80 a term              

All other groups: £90 a term 

Our latest video from CTC Zoom sessions.

Lantern's Got Talent

by Year 6-7

The Google in the Web: Hook & Pan

by Youth Theatre Juniors

Pets in Danger: Final Episode

by Year 3- Year 5

The Google in the Web: The Shed

by Youth Theatre Juniors

Pets in Danger Episode 3

by Year 3 - 5

Under the Sea

Episode 3

by Reception - Year 2

Galaxy Airlines

Episode 3

by Year 6-7


Episode 3

by Wednesdays

 3-5 years old

Goldilocks: Final Episode

by Wednesday Age 3-5

The Google in the Web: Jasmine

by Youth Theatre Juniors

Come and join us in our Children's Theatre Club and Youth Theatre for anyone from 3 to 13-years old (and then there's Youth Theatre!)

We have five weekly age groups in our Children’s Theatre Club in total over Wednesdays and Thursdays. Each group works towards a performance at the end of each term to which friends and family are invited. Occasionally all the Thursday groups work together to create a show!


  • 3-5 year olds meet on Wednesdays at 4pm-5pm

  • Reception - Year 8 (in 3 age groups) meet on Thursdays at 5pm-6:30pm

  • Cost: Wednesday Session £80, Thursday Session £90


Term Dates

We hope to start back in the building with Covid precautions on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th September. 

NEW Temporary COVID TIMINGS (to ensure social distancing)


On Wednesdays

Age 3-5 years in the church 4-5pm 

Year 3-5  in the church 5:15-6:30pm 

Youth Theatre Juniors  in the church 6:45-8pm


On Thursdays

Rec-Yr 2 (a few Yr3s)  in the church 4:30-5:45pm 

Year 6- younger Yr8  in the church 6-7:15pm 

Youth Theatre Seniors  in the church 7:30-9pm

We also have our Holiday projects during school holidays for a range of ages where we rehearse a show throughout the week to be performed in the final session.

Our aim is to have fun, encourage creativity and put together a high quality performance and, judging by the smiles on the children’s and the audience’s faces, we succeed!

To find out more about our classes and holiday projects click on the images below:

The Princess Turned into a Tree

by Rec-Year2

The Google in the Web: Wendy

by Youth Theatre Juniors

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