Junior Photo Festival - Online :)

Amazing response from you young budding photographers out there. We are looking forward to displaying your photos as soon as we open up the Lantern Arts Gallery.
Click on a photo to view it full size with its title and to slide show through all the photos :)
Elisa Ryan Age 9
The Purple Flower
Martha Keefe Age 12
Through the Mirror
Toby Gray Age 9
Road Dancer
Leo Justice Age 11
Shadowy Figure at the Gallery
Joseph Featherston Age 12
The Temptation
Arthur Hastings Age 12
Rufus Octave Age 8
Kiera Lynch Age 10
Blossom of Hope
Adriana Ramos Age 8
Nature will Show you the Light
Lise Dias Age 8
Miniature Photography : 'A Summers Day'
Liane Dias Age 11
Miniature Photography - My dream for a summer afternoon when we get through COVID lockdown!
Mia Mitashova Age 11
Reaching for the Sun
Oscar Duggan Age 8
Mother Coot
Francesca Brooks Age 8
Mystery in the Graveyard
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