Reception to Year 8

We have 3 weekly classes on a Thursday in Children’s Theatre Club who all meet at the same time:

Reception to Year 2 

Year 3-Year 5 

Year 6-Year 8 

When? Thursdays 5pm-6:30pm 

See ctc main page for Covid timings

Cost: £90 (£85 for 2nd sibling) 

Three shows in three age groups are created each term with lines for everyone. Using a mixture of scripts, improvisation, games, role-play, music and film, each term is a whole new experience. Occasionally the groups work together on a larger show. You can do a term then have a term off or you can do three shows a year for many years!

Previous Shows Include: Aladdin, Dangerous Journey, Sleeping-Cinder-Hood, Under the Sea and Godspell.

Interested? Get in touch: you’re missing all the fun! Email Susie on

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