Singing Master Class

with Julie-Anne Shapiro


Please note: We have, unfortunately, had to cancel this course. We will reschedule it later in the year. 


Join Julie-Anne for this uplifting and joyful one day masterclass. She creates a safe and supportive space for you to explore and express your voice. All levels of ability from beginners to advanced are welcome!

The day will cover a mix of singing technique and performance skills, along with group singing and an opportunity for each singer to work on a song of their choice, and receive feedback from Julie-Anne and the rest of the group. Solo singers need to come prepared with a song they know well and let Julie-Anne know their song-choice in advance.

Our group portion will include:


  •  Rounds, harmonies, call and response

  •  Pop, rock, folk, world-music and everything in between!

  •  Move, dance, clap and sing with your whole body

  •  Inspiring songs with an empowering message   

  •  Freedom and expression

  •  Upbeat and FUN FUN FUN!


We’ll also look at…


  • Improving pitch

  • tone and range

  • Breathing and breath control

  • Transitioning from low to high and vice versa

  • Singing with the whole body, How to use nerves to enhance your performance

  • Making a song your own, Eye-contact, body language and connecting with an audience, Connecting with the emotion of a song…


and SO much more…

About Julie-Anne & working with her

Julie-Anne Shapiro is an International Singer/Songwriter/Performer and Singing/Performance Coach.Julie-Anne leads private lessons, workshops, courses and retreats where she creates a safe and welcoming space for you to feel at ease and enjoy exploring and improving your voice. She is passionate about showing others the wonderful self-expression and joy that comes with singing.  Her sessions are uplifting, inspiring and fun and her students are regularly amazed at how they can sing and perform in a way they previously thought was impossible. They keep coming back for more!


Visti:  Contact: for more details.

"It was an amazing day! Singers of all different levels, in a safe and friendly environment, gently encouraged and supported by Julie-Anne. We laughed and cried together and all enjoyed a wonderful day of singing to feed the soul."

Martin, previous participant

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