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Our Youth Theatres meet weekly, rehearsing for a show at the end of each term. All our rehearsals are fun and welcoming. We love to develop each young person's unique skills with games and exercises and later in lifting their performances. We improvise, devise, work with text, use physical theatre, singing or video. We also encourage older members of the cast to take responsibility for stage management, music or anything else they might have to offer. We have also taken several of our productions down to the main stage and been seen by a wider Lantern audience.

When? Wednesdays or Thursdays 7:15-8:30pm

Cost: £100 (£95 for 2nd Sibling)

A high standard of theatre is expected of our teenagers and they always deliver. Previous productions include edited versions of Romeo and Juliet, A Winter’s Tale, The Importance of Being Earnest and Of Mice and Men as well as devised pieces about identity, social media, the Passion and a pantomime.

Interested? Get in touch: you’re missing all the fun! Email Susie on

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