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A creative member of our community, Katrina, has come up with a great little lockdown fundraiser for all you knitters out there. 

"When I’m not doing drama stuff, one of my other hobbies is knitting. Given I’m not spending vast tranches of time at the LAC I thought I’d combine both hobbies in a way to knit something to raise funds.

So what are we knitting?

Facecloths/dishcloths and make-up remover pads to be sold to raise money for the LAC (hopefully at an in-person event around Christmas!)


Do I need to be a good knitter?

If you can cast on, knit, purl (and swap between them) and cast off then you will be able to knit these! If you can only do knit stitch, then see below for a pattern for make-up remover pads.

How to get involved?

Click on the 'Read Me First' guide below from Katrina - this tells you everything you need to know. The Pattern is also here for you to view.

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