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Regular giving, one off donations & other ways to help

Your financial support helps us develop and achieve our vision.

Regular donations as an LAC Angel:
Supporting the LAC to develop and achieve our vision through regular donations gives us security, allowing us to plan for the future and the different ways we can engage the local and wider community.
Make a one-off donation:
A donation to The Lantern Arts Centre Charity, no matter how big or small makes an amazing difference to the Raynes Park community of South West London. 

About LAC Angels:

We have adopted the term of an Angel for people who give generously to help us in all that we do at the LAC. There are many things that we need to fund; from refreshments to props, from costumes and scripts to lighting equipment. Most of all though our Angels help to cover core costs like our staff, offices and utilities.

The LAC Angels are those willing to make a regular financial commitment of at least £3 per month. Having as many angels as possible will help to secure the LAC’s long-term future. It is vitally important that we have a regular income to help the LAC develop and achieve our vision for the local, and wider, community.

To become an LAC Angel click here.

Lantern Angels - Solid.jpg

We are immensely grateful to our Angels who support the Lantern Arts Centre financially.

Crucial in these tricky times - you are our champions, thank you.

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