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The LAC Artists’ Gallery is an initiative which started in early 2014 using a modest gallery space at the heart of the LAC which is open Mon-Friday from 10am – 3pm. 


The Artists’ Gallery provides a low key opportunity for local artists to display their work either as individuals or in collaboration with one or two others.


Since opening we have exhibited the work of over 20 local artists (both professional and amateurs) exploring a variety of media including watercolours, prints, textiles and photography. Shows generally last for about six to eight weeks and there is no charge for the use of the space. The LAC simply charges 15% of any sales.


We are always looking for artists (new as well as past contributors) interested in this exhibiting, so please contact the LAC office for more details.


Previous Exhibitions

Watercolour paintings of red umbrellas, two lake scenes and an embracing couple
Sumedha Shrivastava
Four paintings/collages - a bouquet of flowers, palm tress, close up of beach plants and a mountain landscape
Mel Haslam
Sketches of buildings including St Pauls and towers in Kerkyra
Abstract painting with white starbursts, colourful circles and yellow strands on a black background
Rosemary Hills
Black and white photos of circular objects - a cut out on a bench, a coil of rope, wicker balls and an extractor fan
Helen Read
Photo of four artists exhibiting, plus examples of their work - landscapes, a still life of a jug and a portrait
Alan Brown
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