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Interior view of the Hub
Exterior view of the Hub
Hub logo with the words Arts Wellbeing Community Support

Open Monday-Friday 12pm-5pm

The Lantern Hub is a new and exciting project between the Lantern Arts Centre and the Lantern Methodist Church funded by Merton Giving Fund: Building Resilience.


The Hub is a fresh, creative and adaptable space where anyone can come along and enjoy the indoor seating and peaceful garden.


You can discover a wealth of local resources and get involved with a number of fun and social activities. You will always be welcomed with a smile!

A friendly and creative well-being space where everyone can access low-cost/free activities and services both at the Lantern Arts Centre and in and around Merton.

What's available at the Lantern Hub:

  • Chair Yoga on Tuesdays 12-1pm
  • Local information centre
  • Lantern Centre information centre
  • Holistic services
  • Wellbeing groups
  • Peaceful space with garden
  • Talks and events
  • Crafting classes
  • Yoga classes

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We are passionate about linking our community to the right people, and have partnerships with the following services and organisations:

  • The Wimbledon Guild

  • Merton Council

  • The Merton and Morden Guild

  • Independent Age

  • Merton Connected

If you are interested in supporting or partnering with The Lantern Hub please contact us:

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