Join our fun and friendly Swing Dance Classes!


Dawn and Moh of SwingStateLondon teach weekly swing dance classes. We will be teaching the fundamentals of this lively partnered dance which originated in 1920’s Harlem (New York). In this class you’ll learn the authentic steps of Lindy Hop and Charleston. It is a social dance but you don’t need to bring a partner, just some comfy shoes.


Dawn and Moh live locally and have danced all over London and around the world! They have 26 years of dancing between them, training with highly respected teachers. Get ready to laugh, have lots of fun and be creative in a safe space.


Class level and Info:

Our classes are intimate and we generally tailor our classes to the level of our students. If you don’t have a background in swing dance, you are probably still welcome! If you have a basic level of coordination (I.e. you can follow a simple aerobics class), have attended other types of dance classes before, or just want to try out one class before making your mind up, you are very welcome.


There is generally something for everyone in this class, as we teach a class where ‘Everyone leads and everyone follows’. If you are an experienced lead wanting to learn how to follow in a safe environment or vice versa, this is a class for you. Because of this teaching philosophy, there is no lead/follow imbalance and everyone is always learning.    

Wednesdays, 7.30 - 8.45pm (term time only), Studio Theatre

£10/£8 per class. Please pay on the door or book online by clicking the button below.

If you want to book online for the coming half term, you can get 6 lessons for the price of 5 - click here!

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Classes are restarting on Wed 19th May 2021 because of the easing of restrictions!

COVID Procedures:

  1. Bring your own partner – any gender

  2. No rotation in class – you dance with your partner only

  3. ‘Everyone leads and everyone follows’ teaching philosophy will continue – everyone will get to lead and follow.

  4. Five couples maximum in class – please get in touch with us at SwingstateLondon@gmail.com to secure your spot.