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2021 and Beyond - We'll Shine on!

A message from our Artistic Director Amy Phillips


When the first national lockdown was announced in March, a line from a Thomas Hardy poem kept coming to mind:  'Our morrow's anxious plans have missed their aim' 

I reflected on how relentlessly busy life can get.  I'm not sure I've got a poem for this happening yet again!  It has been hard to know how to manage a third national lockdown, how to find daily motivation and to keep our spirits up.  


As ever at the Lantern Arts Centre, we are taking inspiration from looking outwards: at the NHS frontline staff working harder than ever, social media flooded with encouraging messages, cards, flowers, small gifts landing on doorsteps across the country, retail workers and baristas in coffee shops having an encouraging chat with a regular customer who seems a bit lonely, folks from all religions, all over the world, praying for their fellow brothers and sisters to cope, to recover, to be vaccinated.  We are digging deep and excited to be shortly sharing a few fun activities and future projects to help get through this most challenging of times.


If you are shopping more online currently, please consider signing up to the services below - they will donate a small amount to The Lantern Arts Centre whenever you buy products through them. Click on the logos to find out more...

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Download the app or shop through their website!

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Do keep the joy and light of happy Lantern memories in your hearts too.  We'll be back soon, filling our beautiful building with kindness, creativity and community.


Stay Safe and Smiling,


Amy Phillips

Artistic Director, Lantern Arts Centre

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