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The Lantern Youth Theatre presents


An adaptation of Homer's epic poem

Music and Lyrics by Paul William Keefe

Script by Creative Educational Systems

Friday 29th September 7.30pm and Saturday 30th September 2.30pm

Tickets £8

The Lantern Youth Theatre brings you this brilliant retelling of Homer’s ultimate adventure story, with a script that feels both classic and modern, powerful music and an innovative maritime setting.


The Odyssey is one of the earliest and greatest works of Western literature. At its centre is a love story - brave and faithful Odysseus, desired by goddesses but never tempted to leave strong and patient Penelope. 


He has been ten years fighting the Trojan war and another ten journeying back, fighting a giant one-eyed cyclops, discovering drugged flowers, resisting beautiful sirens who would sing him into the depths of the sea, battling sea monsters, facing storms…


She has been surrounded by vile suitors eating her food, claiming her kingdom, arguing over who should marry her, while raising a child who has never known his father...


With music composed by Paul William Keefe (Johnny Keefe’s equally talented brother, who says the cast are “amazing”) this is a performance not to be missed. The young and talented cast give their all to each of their performances, from heroes and sorceresses, to sailors and sheep!


Book now to follow Odysseus’ mammoth journey, deftly covered in just over an hour, and be left feeling as though you’ve been by his side every step of the way.

Music and Lyrics by Paul William Keefe © Copyright: 2021 Script by Creative Educational Systems (CES.) © Copyright: 1992

Photos from Studio Theatre production July 2023

Your Visit

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Lantern Arts Centre, Tolverne Road, London, SW20 8RA

Food and Drink

Please note alcohol is not permitted on site at any time.


The Lantern Arts Centre is accessible by wheelchair-users and people with restricted mobility. Lifts are available for studios on the first floor, and there is two disabled toilets on the ground floor. When booking please add any requirements in the seating requests section.


There are no cloakroom facilities for storing bags and coats at the Lantern Arts Centre.


Once you have booked your seat you will be emailed your e-ticket which will be scanned upon your arrival to the venue. If you are unsure about booking seats please call 0203 761 7070.

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