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Primary School

We have a range of shows for Children of ages from 3-11-years old. You can view them all here.

To BOOK NOW call Nick on 0203 761 7070 or email

Food Fight – Healthy Lifestyle

Evil Einstein and his friends think they can take over the Earth by making us all too unhealthy to fight back. Can the children and Tough Tony stop them? This fun and engaging play encourages children to be healthy through an exciting story and audience interaction. As we leave, children in the playground call out to show they’re doing healthy things and those in the lunch queue confide that they will be choosing vegetables!


Flashpoint – primary anti-bullying and anger management

Can Sam and Judy stop Evil Einstein from taking over the Earth? This fun and engaging play encourages children to explore what makes them angry, the consequences and how they can control it. It also addresses the issue of bullying. Lots of fun with a lot to learn. The audience are fully involved in saving the Earth!

Big News in Bethlehem – Christmas

As a TV crew report on the Best Inn in Bethlehem, they have no idea that the big news is happening out the back in the stable.


The truth and beauty of the first Christmas in a modern setting.


The script by Susie Pottinger can be performed with songs by James Devenish OR create your own Dramatic Carol Concert with the action interspersed with carols for everyone to join in.


Make this Christmas an experience to remember with the Lantern Theatre Company and Big News in Bethlehem.

Christmas Chaos – All ages

It’s Christmas but all Amelia’s presents are in America and snow has cancelled her flight! In her “boring hotel room” she meets different visitors who help her to understand that Christmas isn’t about being selfish. With great songs, colourful characters and action that takes place all around the audience this is a show to brighten up anyone’s Christmas!

The Christmas Box – Christmas

When David and Carol find a muddy old box they have no idea that they will find themselves in a world where goblins steal decorations, a witch who hates Christmas traps them and the emperor who steals presents imprisons them.

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