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Secondary School

We have a range of shows for Children of ages from 11-18-years old. You can view them all her.

To BOOK NOW call Nick on 0203 761 7070 or email

Split Second

“None of us realized then that our lives were going to change – or end – in the space of that one phone call” Emma and Rob have their whole lives ahead of them and they’re too old to bother with a boring road safety talk. Split Second is a hard-hitting new play, commissioned by Wandsworth Borough Council for Secondary Schools. Pupils are caught up in a story and characters they care about as the “boring statistics” take on names and faces. This play doesn’t just present the facts it gets under your skin and makes you think.

Trafficked: Act Now

A girl gets used to seeing a man on the way to school, he gets to know her, he starts to turn her against her friends and family, soon he is the only good thing in her life: how far will she go to keep his friendship?

Lantern Theatre Company are proud to be working with Merton Against Trafficking to create a play which warns young people and their parents and the rest of society about the dangers of “grooming”.

Taking Control

Tanya is missing. As her boyfriend, Mum and best friend go through her bag, they discover she is a victim of bullying. Can they help? Whose fault is it? Where is Tanya and can she finally take control of her life? Powerful, thought-provoking theatre – a great way to engage with the topic of bullying.

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